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Galactic Ambassadors 19th October 2022


Galactic Ambassadors Meetup 5th October 2022

In this session join Pete and our Galactic Ambassador community for an hours worth of huge value!

Rewiring Energy with Poseidon

In this session we are Rewiring your Energy with Poseidon and the Oversoul Collective

31st August 2022
Light Mission

In this session we join forces and be in service to the planet! The planet has energy centres just like us humans and we are getting instructed from the divine to help open the portals and energy centre around the globe and balance and bring through golden light form the high realms. You will love this light mission!!!

24th August 2022
144 Light Warriors

We have been getting some awesome downloads around the 144 mission and the sacred codes within our hearts DNA.

16th August 2022
Daily Energy Boost

In this session, Pete takes you through a daily energy boost practice you can do yourself every single day!

3rd August 2022
Journey to Egypt

In this weeks session we take you on a adventure to Egypt to meet Isis the beautiful goddess. You will love this journey as this is a gift from this divine soul just for you xx

13th July 2022
Meet Up!

In this session, we talk about all things triggers and the law of attraction. Why is this happening to you? Listen for the consciousness to find the way. Pete leads a guided meditation to balance your brain waves and transmute any negative energy that has built up in the last week.

6th July 2022
Heart Portal Activation

in this journey Roxy guides you to your inner heart to observe and see how you are looking. We invite the Pleiadian high council in to help assist an activation for your energy centres, also setting up a diamond structure around your field for protection, strength and love. This meditation is powerful and shifting.

29th June 2022
Question & Answer

Join us as we answer all your Galactic Q&A questions. This was an amazing online catchup which Pete and I enjoyed so much.

23rd June 2022
Galactic Light Mission

Join us as we explored the Galactic together on another light mission with Pete and Roxy! You won’t want to miss catching up on this if you missed it!

8th June 2022
Self Image Healing - The Live Event

In this special live event we took you on a journey to healing you and your self image. It’s a long session but you’ll get huge value out of this one!